The SMS Lab Environment is a pre-built online lab space with installed virtual machines that’s formatted to meet the needs of students and instructors involved in ethical hacking courses. The lab environment is optimized for students to strengthen their understanding of course concepts through practical application in Kali Linux, a popular distro for ethical hacking and penetration testing techniques.

User benefits of working with the SMS Lab Environment


  • Explore a WebGoat, Metasploitable2 and WebWolf compatible environment.
  • Access the environment easily through launching in your favorite web browser.
  • Securely log in using your personalized instance credentials.
  • Practice ethical hacking techniques from your course in a safe, virtual environment simulating real-world network vulnerabilities.


  • Reduce the startup time involved in building and installing lab environments on your campus devices.
  • Reduce network issues and troubleshooting for students of all experience levels in IT in launching our pre-built lab environment.
  • Support student understanding and critical thinking with a cost-effective tool to enhance your course curriculum.
  • Receive 24/7 assistance from the SMS Support Team to troubleshoot and correct issues the lab environment and student instances for your courses.

Kali Linux with Metasploitable 2 and WebGoat installed completely accessible in a web browser over HTTPS.
No VPN or extra ports needed.

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The lab environment will launch in 2-3 minutes and will be active for 30 minutes for you to test.

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If you would like to receive further information on our product and related pricing, please send us a message using our SMS Contact Us page. We will reach out to you and set up a follow on call to discuss.