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About Bobby

I have a curious and entrepreneurial mind and like to be involved in many different things. I am prior service Air Force, during which time I was stationed in Ramstein AB, Germany. I then lived and worked in the UK for several years afterwards. I enjoyed my experiences in the military and it has made me who I am today. I’ve traveled throughout Europe and have loved meeting like-minded people and building lasting relationships.

I work in a number of roles. Primarily, I work as an IT & Network Security consultant and provide services with my team through the SecureMySanity® brand under my consulting company, Guarded Horizons Inc.

I also teach as an adjunct professor at George Mason University during traditional semesters and at the Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet) in Norway during the summer. In this role, I develop and teach courses for network security and cloud security.

I started a short term rental company in 2017 called Loudoun Escape whose automation services were built and are managed by the SMS team. This lead to the creation of our custom-built automated property access and management system, Jervis Systems. More details available at

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